City Post


The City Post Impact Resistant Delineator is designed to rebound back to its original position, even after in excess of 100 high-speed impacts.

Designed for quick installation and superior durability, the City Post sets new standard for ease of maintenance and ultra-high durability. Manufactured from advanced engineering resins to provide maximum strength and superior durability, each delineator is made using a solid polyurethane construction, which absorbs impacts and rebounds instantly.

Remaining flexible even at extremely high and low temperatures (-28 to + 72 degrees) the City Post rebounds to a fully upright position even after 100 impacts at 100 km/h.

 Key Features

Thermoplastic Polyurethane for High Impact Resistance

Crash friendly design

1-Piece Construction with no Mechanical Springs to fail

360 degree visibility with factory-applied reflective sheeting

Installs in concrete or asphalt

East “spin-in” installation reduces worker exposure

UV Resistant

1 Year Limited warranty

EN13422 and EN12767 Certified