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Flexiblade Bollard


Flexiblade Bollards


Flexiblade Impact Resistant bollards are robust and highly visible and incorporate all the passively safe characteristics associated with our entire bollard range. They are available as a single or double sided bollard in a number of formats - Keep Left, Keep Right, No Entry etc. Bespoke signfaces or graphics can easily be applied also. Incorporating a patented base system, the bollard is able to withstand multiple impacts at speeds of 100 km/h. The unique anti-twist mechanism ensures correct realignment with the traffic following a collision. The Flexiblade Bollard meets the requirements of EN12767 Passive Safety level 100:NE:4. They are quick and easy to install and have low maintenance requirements and are 100% recycleable.

 Key Benefits:

Tough Construction
  • Passively Safe
  • Low Maintenance
  • 3M Fluorescent Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective
  • Excellent day and night-time visibility