Hazard Markers Line

Narrow Hazard Markers


Designed to withstand multiple impacts, TMP's range of Hazard Markers are ideal for providing delineation where space is at a premium. Their narrow width (155mm) coupled with the use the 3M Diamond Grade DG3 fluorescent reflective sheeting ensure maximum visibility to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

The Hazard Market are fully impact resistant and will survive multiple impacts, ensuring the Hazard Marker continues to function and provide a clear warning to road users.

They are available in a variety of designs and formats, in both single sided and double sided configurations.  When used with FG300 impact resistant delineators, they provide continuous lane separation marking at compact junctions and at locations where the designer needs to implement a No Right or No Left turn at a junction. They are also ideal for use on footpaths as their narrow profile does not take up much room, while providing excellent visibility. They can be used at School Crossings where high levels of visibility/warning are required and provide a gateway effect which helps improve safety for school children/parents crossing the road.

They are quick and easy to install and this minimises the amount of time the installer is working on a live road, thus improving safety for the installation crew. Their ability to survive multiple impacts means they offer exceptional value and will continue to function for extended periods.


Key Features

     Superior visibility - day and night-time viewing

     Ideal for urban locations/narrow footpaths/cycle lanes

     Strong, vandal-resistant construction

     Diamond Grade DG3 Fluorescent Microprismatic sheeting

     Reflective will not cease - 12 Year delamination guarantee

     Single or double sided available

     Fast & easy to install – reduces risk to installation personnel

     Low Maintenance

     Passively Safe