Pass With Care VAS Sign


 Solar Powered Sign - Pass With Care

Designed by PWS, the Pass With Care Cyclist Warning Sign is a Solar Powered Radar Activated display which provides a bright visual warning to motorists to remind them to take care and allow a suitable overtaking distance when passing cyclists on the carriageway ahead. The signs is designed in conjunction with the “Stayin’ Alive at 1.5” safety initiative from Safe Cycling Ireland.

The in-built radar detects all approaching vehicles and the displays in 2 colours -  a static (non-flashing) distance warning of 1.5m with an double-headed Arrow in amber while a flashing text message PASS WITH CARE displays in bright Red LED’s. The inbuilt radar also detects and stores data on all passing vehicles including time, date, and vehicle Speed - downloadable via Bluetooth. This provides very useful statistical information such as vehicle counts, speed violations and 85th Percentile speeds.


Key Features

Sign size 1200mm x 800mm

Single Pole Mounting

Passively Safe - EN12767

Ultra-bright Wide Angle LED’s

Automatic Brightness Adjustment

Data Collection Feature via Bluetooth

Solar Powered – All Year Round Operation

Virtually Maintenance Free

Strong, Vandal-Resistant Construction

Full Installation and Location Advice Service

Free Site Survey

CE Certified to EN12899