The SmartZone portable intelligent traffic management system provides road users and traffic mangement operatives with 'real-time' traffic condition information. Our portable ITS solution, SmartZone, incorporates portable sensors (microwave, radar), cctv, variable message signs and the JamLogic real-time traffic processing software to provide the complete intelligent solution to congestion, incidents and delays through road works. The SmartZone ITS system also offers traffic management operatives a safer working environment throughout the work zone, providing road users with real-time journey information which eases congestion and initiates a series of automated warning systems on the approach to road works enhancing the safety of workers and motorists and improving journey times and the flow of traffic. The PWS SmartZone Intelligent traffic mangement system improves safety, mobility and flexibility though temporary work zones and large scale events.

Benefits of SmartZone include:

  • Fully portable and bespoke
  • Available to hire / buy
  • Queue warning
  • Reduced travel / journey times
  • Increased traffic capacity
  • Speed management
  • Reduced primary incidents
  • Virtually eliminates secondary incidents
  • Automated incident detection 
  • Timely completion of works


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Driver Feedback Signs (Speed Indicator Device)

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NC-300 Traffic Analyser