Vehicle Activated Signs

Vehicle Activated Signs


PWS design and manufacture a wide range of bespoke Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) to suit particular road conditions and provide advance warning to motorists of potential hazards ahead.

They are usually configured only to display when activated by a vehicle which is travelling in excess of a pre-determined approach speed. In order to warn that motorist to slow down, the signs’ in-built radar detects the speeding vehicle well in advance, and immediately activates the sign, providing a bright and highly visible warning to the motorist about the potential hazard ahead.

Other vehicle detection methods can be used with VAS – such as infra-red sensors to detect over-height vehicles (low bridge hazards) and loops. Secure frequency radios can be used to send signals from the vehicle detection location to the sign and provide instant activation.

Data collection and storage capability of all approaching vehicles is available as an option for both local download via Bluetooth and also remote viewing & analysis.

VAS are proven to reduce vehicle speeds and substantially increase safety at hazardous locations. PWS offer a consultancy and design service for VAS as well as a full installation service, including all Traffic Management and PSCS requirements.