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VeloKerb - Cycle Lane Delineation

 VeloKerb Cycle Lane Separators

The VeloKerb Cycle Lane separator from PWS is a bolt-down separator specially designed to provide safety for cyclists by clearly separating and delineating dedicated Cycle lanes. It's asymmetric design separates and protects cyclists and deters motor vehicles from crossing into the cycle lane. Its three lateral slopes protect the cyclist in case of collision with the separator. The gentle slope of the VeloKerb on the cycle lane side protects the cyclist if the bicycle accidentally mounts/runs onto it. It is also less of a trip hazard for pedestrians due to its low profile leading edge. The higher (vehicle) side of the VeloKerb makes it difficult for motor vehicles to accidentally cross over into the cycle lane.

VeloKerb is availabe in 2 sizes -

  • 250mm wide x 150mm high (standard width)
  • 150mm wide x 150mm high (where space on the carriageway is at a premium)

The VeloKerb cycle lane separator is supplied in modular sections pieces for easy assembly and installation. That are available in 1100mm long sections (2 x 550mm) or in single 550mm sectons and each section is secured with 2 No fixing bolts - quick and easy to install.




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