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Pedal Power: Dublin’s Ambitious Move Towards a 15-Minute City

Dublin, long characterised by the roar of cars, is on the brink of a monumental transformation. Imagine a city centre where bustling streets are replaced by vibrant pedestrian walkways and the gentle whir of bicycles. This isn’t a dream, it’s the bold vision of Dublin’s new City Centre Transport Plan. Unveiled by Dublin City Council […]

How Biking in the Netherlands Is Saving Lives and the Planet

In the flatlands of the Netherlands, where tulips bloom and windmills turn, another iconic sight dominates the landscape: bicycles. The Dutch have long embraced cycling as a mode of transportation, weaving it seamlessly into their daily lives. But beyond convenience, the widespread adoption of biking in Dutch cities has led to profound environmental and health […]

Reflecting on the Evolution of Britain’s Road Signage

As we glide along the asphalt arteries of modern Britain, our journey is guided not just by concrete and steel, but by an intricate web of symbols and signs. In the tapestry of our daily commute, it’s easy to overlook the silent architects of this navigational symphony: Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert. Cast your mind […]

Turning the Tide: Europe’s Cities Take a Stand Against Car Dependency

On the streets of Europe’s iconic cities, a revolution is quietly underway. From Paris to Barcelona to Brussels, authorities are spearheading diverse strategies to combat congestion and pollution, reclaiming urban spaces for their original purpose: as vibrant hubs of human interaction and activity. In an insightful piece titled “Bollards and ‘superblocks’: how Europe’s cities are […]